Do the Geographical Sciences computer labs seem a bit cleaner lately? During our recent Cookies with the Chair Town Hall, a student mentioned that she would appreciate hand sanitizer being available in the labs - and voila! Hand sanitizer appeared thanks to Geographical Sciences Chair, Dr. Chris Justice! Requests like this one, concerns, and comments from undergraduate students were front and center during our 3rd Annual Cookies with the Chair Town Hall.

While munching on delicious cookies from nearby Insomnia Cookies, students were encouraged to share their thoughts about the department. Students commented on how they enjoy the "family feel" of the department, the availability of online summer and winter courses, and being able to learn from professors on the cutting-edge of science. Students encouraged the Chair to consider more social events with faculty and graduate students, a stronger link to the private sector, and summer research experiences. Students were also able to ask questions about how departmental decisions are made and about academia more broadly.

One student commented that she, "really appreciated hearing about the hiring process for new faculty. It brought me a new perspective on the inner workings of a university that undergraduates don't usually see."

The event concluded with a few "fun" questions for the Chair. For example, can you guess Dr. Justice's favorite satellite? (Drum roll......MODIS!)

Undergraduates are an integral part of our Department and we want to ensure your voices are heard. Thank you to all of the students who participated! 

insomnia cookie tray